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Italian Apple Cake

Less than 30 minutes by car is an apple growing region called Apple Hill. I wrote about it in this post. This past weekend, my family ventured there for a day of autumn splendor. I knew the outing would involve apples, apple doughnuts, a picnic, and a little wine tasting. Area forecasters were calling for […]

Barbera Chocolate Cake

Harvest The California wine harvest is a wonderful time of year. If you have an opportunity to visit any one of the Golden State’s wine growing regions, you’ll find a buzz of activity brought about by ripe grapes, somewhat cooler temperatures, and droves of enthusiasts to revel in the season. Depending upon the variety, from […]

Cinnamon Candy Apples

The first Halloween costume I can recall wearing was a scarecrow. My mother worked hard on it, using some of my dad’s worn garments, an old broom stick, and hay she found on the cheap somewhere. The long sleeves and pant legs, drooped on my kindergarten-aged frame, but once the broom stick was inserted through […]

Supreme Banana Bread

  Banana bread reaches new heights with a generous handful of white chocolate chips folded into the batter; a streusel topping brings an extraordinary crunch on top, but not before it’s tempered by a lush drizzle of homemade Dulce de leche. The shot seen around the globe: it was an innocent indulgence really, inspired by […]

Rustic Plum Galette Recipe

Where The Day Takes You I had no idea I’d be canning plum preserves or making a galette. I had an entirely different notion of how the day would go. It was the first overcast day in months. Deep claps of thunder coupled with flash lightning ushered in much needed rain overnight. I wanted a […]

Grilled Peach and Serrano Chili Upside-Down Cake with Strawberry

My girl Kim of Kiss My Smoke extended a wonderful invitation to guest post over at her place. If you’re not familiar with her, you’ll quickly come to love her wit, and you’ll definitely see she holds her own as a grilling maven. Showcasing a broad spectrum of things from grilling to barbecue, you’ll find […]

Dulce de Leche Recipe

Miraculous is a word to describe the transformation of three simple ingredients into divine syrup. It is science, really, but what happens when molecules merge leads to a product with seemingly endless uses, and a flavor adored across the globe. Dulce de leche is a sauce-like condiment, akin to caramel, which can be a cake […]

Teriyaki Chicken Wings Recipe

These tasty Teriyaki Chicken Wings are sticky, salty-sweet and succulent. They’ll disappear as quickly as you put them on the table!   I participate in a Facebook group where we share photos of what’s for dinner, typically a quick snap from the smartphone, and nothing highly stylized. Founded by Leite’s Culinaria, the group is a […]

Cherry-Chocolate Chiffon Cake

For each passing day the late spring sun tracks a little higher in the sky. The warmth emanating from it intensifies, and feels closer like the sensation of being swaddled in a bath towel straight from the dryer. And all I can think about is the bounty to come while Mother Nature sets the stage […]

Fresh Cherry Pie

Steel Mandolines Their bond is strong―a group of gals who’ll hold each other up without hesitation, display kindness of heart, laugh, and cry, all within a tweet, post or group text. Though no serious crisis has tested this sorority to date, I have no doubt if one were to befall upon tribulation, plane tickets would […]