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As game day approaches, I find myself thinking about the food table earlier and earlier each season. There’s almost as much forethought put into it as a Thanksgiving feast. This I know for sure; the action around the party spread is equally as much of an attraction, garnering enthusiastic cheer, as the game itself.

Superbowl 2014 Spread by CakewalkerLast year’s spread covered all bases keeping noshers happy. To learn more about these dishes, you’ll find the recipes and links in this post.

Whether you’re feeding a party of four or forty, a game plan is paramount to scoring big on the fare front. I’ll take into consideration fan favorites, the previous year’s menu, and work in new dishes which have proven appeal. The key is advance preparation for those items which can hold under refrigeration, the ones which reheat nicely (and often times taste better), and those that are make-and-eat the day of. Give yourself a break by planning a good ratio of quick appetizers to day of cooking so you can hang with your guests.

Next Sunday I’m considering switching around the game plan with one or all of these recipes:

Teriyaki Wings from CakewalkerTeriyaki Chicken Wings Recipe

Kicked-up Cornbread by CakewalkerKicked-up Cornbread Recipe

Blackberry Glazed  Baby Back Ribs by CakewalkerBlackberry Glazed Baby Back Ribs Recipe

If you’re game for additional ideas, my food blogger colleagues and I have a tantalizing collection of recipes. Check them out by clicking on the image below, follow the board and be Pinspired!

Halftime Huddle Pinterest Board by CakewalkerClick on the image

Whatever your game plan is for Super Bowl Sunday, make it a great day!


  1. Folks must flock to your house for the big game! Who cares who is playing as long as you are cooking! Since our teams are out, my family might actually eat during the game…so thanks for all your delicious inspiration, Brooks.

    • Brooks Walker says

      You’re most kind, Liz―thank you! I’m thrilled to have you as a contributor to the Halftime Huddle board.

  2. Brooks, truth be told, I don’t even care about the game. I’d be choosing a party strictly for the food, so I’d be heading to *your* house, for sure! Those ribs and cornbread would definitely be on my plate–but not for long!

  3. You do game day right. I love everything about that spread of goodies! Super post. 😉 Thanks.

  4. I don’t watch football, but I do wings. I also know that The Super Bowl is the second biggest food day in the USA. Right behind the obvious one you mentioned. Strange. I would have picked George Washington’s Birthday. He was quite the gardener. Or do I mean Jefferson? GREG

  5. We’ve only been watching the Super Bowl for about 5-6 years, maybe even 7! And I have to admit the only reason I love it is because I get to put on a feast. We had my friend and her 13 year old over and we had pizza, wings, chili, kale salad and crême brûlée for dessert. It was a blast. Loved seeing the commercials too. JT always does some questions and we play for a prize, this year it was a jar filled with jelly beans! Because no one is really football savvy, the questions are pretty generic, for example, who wins the coin toss, what was the temperature at the start of the game.
    I love your spread, your wings look incredible (our’s were dry with herbs en provence with a blue cheese dip).

  6. Brooks, I actually made the cornbread and it was amazing!

    • Brooks Walker says

      Wonderful, Sheryl, I’m thrilled to know you made it AND that it earned your seal of approval!

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