Supreme Banana Bread

  Banana bread reaches new heights with a generous handful of white chocolate chips folded into the batter; a streusel topping brings an extraordinary crunch on top, but not before it’s tempered by a lush drizzle of homemade Dulce de leche. The shot seen around the globe: it was an innocent indulgence really, inspired by […]

Classic Banana Bread

  Sunday Morning Coffee   I haven’t slept in since 2003. Okay there were a few mornings in recent years where the Grandfather clock struck 7 before the children stirred and I thought a miracle had happened. But I don’t mind it so much. ’03 brought us our first baby. I can recall darting out […]

Not A One Says Fall

    This was my first cookbook. I couldn’t have been more than 8 or 9 years old, and I don’t remember if it was mine or shared between me and my sister and brother. What I do remember is my infatuation with the book’s recipe for Peanuts’ Peanut Brittle and my determination to make […]