Shamrock Cream Puffs with Crème de Menthe Pastry Cream

I caught a glimpse of one once. I was a child then, and the notion of seeing a leprechaun brought thrills and tingles akin to the sensations one gets upon reaching a roller coaster’s highest peak. Who wouldn’t feel this way? I’m talking magic, mischief, pots of gold and rainbows! I’m fairly confident I saw […]

Wood-Fired Pizza with Dana Commandatore

L to R: Michelangelo, Michael and Dana Today’s mail delivery brought a pleasant surprise?a missive which left me feeling jubilant like a child who receives their first-ever letter. I heard from my lovely friend Dana Commandatore of Los Angeles. An East coast native, her Italian heritage has roots in Naples and Sicily, but this all-American […]

Up The Ante

    In recent years a ritual has emerged in our house. For All Hallows Eve, the dinner of choice has been a pumpkin pizza to fill us up on a night of frolicking about the neighborhood for tricks and treats. A time or two I’d shape the pizza to imply the chilling silhouette of […]