Strawberry Éclairs with Elderflower Cream

A review of the new cookbook Teatime In Paris! by renowned author Jill Colonna, a giveaway, and her recipe for Strawberry Éclairs with Elderflower Cream! Teatime In Paris! by Jill Colonna is a delightful romp through boutique Parisian pâtisseries as inspiration for the follow up to her wildly successful book, Mad About Macarons! Jill fell […]

French Onion Soup

  THIS MAN’S WORK I see it every day in their youthful faces, in a tender moment’s hug, and in the glee of their smiles as they greet her when she returns home at the end of the day, that intangible, yet comprehensible, undeniably special tether between children and their mother. Impossible to mimic, not […]

Irish-French Toast

  During a recent Google+ Hangout on Air, I was demonstrating how to make Irish Soda Bread when my friend Jennifer Field of Pastry Chef Online suggested I share one of the things I do with leftover soda bread. On the occasion where there’s ample supply on hand, as was the case this year, I’ll […]