Whoopie Pies with Mint Filling and Chocolate Ganache

Covet, Track, And Savor I had it bad. Real bad. I had a fixation so dense it was thicker than fog at less than a quarter mile visibility. I was fixed on satisfying a hankering for that last Thin Mint cookie and I was the only one who knew where it was. Or so I […]

Cherry-Chocolate Chiffon Cake

For each passing day the late spring sun tracks a little higher in the sky. The warmth emanating from it intensifies, and feels closer like the sensation of being swaddled in a bath towel straight from the dryer. And all I can think about is the bounty to come while Mother Nature sets the stage […]

German Chocolate Cake

This was it. This was the one which solidified my lifelong relationship with cake. I was a very young boy, and I remember the sensation of my first bite. The frosting with its pebble-like texture beckoned my teeth into a more active role of consumption. The coconut and pecans shared the spotlight in a sweet […]

Shamrock Cream Puffs with Crème de Menthe Pastry Cream

I caught a glimpse of one once. I was a child then, and the notion of seeing a leprechaun brought thrills and tingles akin to the sensations one gets upon reaching a roller coaster’s highest peak. Who wouldn’t feel this way? I’m talking magic, mischief, pots of gold and rainbows! I’m fairly confident I saw […]

Chocolate Ganache

Whether used as a sauce, topping, or filling, this chocolate ganache recipe is versatile, adaptable and and oh so tasty! Try it on fresh berries, ice cream, profiteroles or cakes. The versatility of chocolate ganache earns a go-to status for pastry arts. Whether as a sauce, topping, or filling, it’s used for multiple things like […]

Creepy Cake

  I’ve been growing pumpkins since 2004. I’ve grown them on acreage and in smaller backyards of suburbia. I think the thing about pumpkins that is most appealing to me is they are prolific and their seed (when properly stored) lasts for years. Why it was just last year, in the growing season of 2010, […]

Chocolate Devil’s Fire Cupcakes

Feverish Fahrenheit I’m typically in FFW mode (full fall warfare) by this point during the month of September. My arsenal of spices, apples, nuts and squash would have made their way into the kitchen by now.     Not this year. Truth be told, fall becomes official in a little more than a week and […]

An Easy Smile

  Mildred Coombes answered the piercing question, “What is it?” This question had a solid footing in the back of my mind for a couple of months. My wife and I were settling into the home we had just bought, our first, in Burbank, CA. Built in the late 30s, the home was adorable with […]

Lemon Chocolate Cake

  The Truth Of The Spoken Word   I love a good challenge. So when my dear friend Keri Tombazian made this comment on a cupcake photo I posted on Facebook, I was immediately intrigued:     What grabs me about this challenge is that these two flavors would not be my initial choices to […]