Orange-Rosemary Pound Cake

     We had a stockpile of berries needing to be used. And varietal flours feeling neglected. For someone who manipulates traditional flours most days, I knew the whole grain versions had to be lonely as they aren’t on the A-list for the pool party. Moreover, my personal tastes are shifting when it comes to […]

The Happy Hunny Pot

  She claimed she only knew how to make coffee and toast. And then there was this delicious open-faced melt she would make: A piece of bread topped with sliced tomato, avocado and cheese—then placed in a hot oven until the cheese was all melted and divine, draping over the bread like a warm blanket. […]

Up The Ante

    In recent years a ritual has emerged in our house. For All Hallows Eve, the dinner of choice has been a pumpkin pizza to fill us up on a night of frolicking about the neighborhood for tricks and treats. A time or two I’d shape the pizza to imply the chilling silhouette of […]