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It’s there within reach…



Today, autumn was in full swing at the annual Green Acres Nursery and Supply Fall Festival in the wonderful city of Folsom, CA. What makes me especially happy and proud for my town is that this particular location was once a Circuit City, a national retailer who closed its doors to bankruptcy barely 3 months after opening in 2010, is now a bustling business. Green Acres is a family-owned company with 3 locations (all of which held the same event today) in the greater Sacramento area. I’ve been a patron at the Folsom location since opening this spring.


Photo credit: Green Acres Nursery and Supply


What makes this business work boils down to a single word—family. The staff is treated like family and in turn the customers are treated like family. Then there’s community events like today’s which promotes, you guessed it, family!



Admittedly, being a foodie, it was the food truck that initially attracted my interest to the festival. Pair that with plants and gardening, my second love, and it’s a no-brainer.

Confession: I have never dined at a modern food truck (gasp!). Oh sure, I follow a couple on Twitter, and look in on the Food Network program The Great Food Truck Race occasionally, but it was high time I bellied up to the window and placed an order. To the delight of my family, I’m glad we did!



Krush Burger brings Sacramentans delicious mini burgers curbside. Today’s affordably priced menu featured three of their classics: the Philly, the Cowbell and the Original Krush. The simple, streamlined menu also offered hand cut fries and sweet potato tater tots. The burgers are about 3-inches in diameter or so. Eyeballing them, I’d say they are a tad bigger than sliders commonly found in restaurants and bars across the nation. The burgers are conveniently sold in two packs and three packs (yes, you are free to mix-n-match). We ordered two 2-packs and two sides of fries. The kids gobbled up the Originals (lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, American cheese, house sauce and fresh ground choice Angus beef), while Mrs. W. and I enjoyed the Cowbells (fried onions stack, applewood smoked bacon, sweet BBQ sauce, smoked Gouda Cheese, fresh ground choice Angus beef). Not only were these sandwiches an ideal size for a mid-day meal, they were perfectly seasoned and packed with flavor. The fries were served fresh, maintaining their heat with that coveted crispy exterior we crave and tender potato on the inside. A light sprinkling of a seasoned salt on the fries upped the flavor profile. Can you tell I was more than pleased with my first modern food truck experience?



Moreover, the only thing to top this great lunch experience was the fact that Green Acres handed out a ticket to every patron as they entered their doors for today’s festival. The ticket was good for $3 off your food purchase as an option. The two packs sell for $6…that made our burgers free! I gladly paid for the sides and drinks, and a contribution to the tip jar. I like to take care of my people.

After noshing, we strolled about the nursery. There was face painting, lovely displays…



a Rubber Ducky Race,



a junior Putting Green,



Pie Walk,


The winner!


Paint-your-own Pumpkin station,


A friendly Green Acres staff member assisting my son with his project.




and a Balloon Artist to name a few.



My favorite of course were the pumpkins…glorious globes of orange.



I took advantage of the festival special for the day: All You Can Hold Pumpkins for $15! Pretty much goes as it says—I held my arms out while my family loaded them up with pumpkins until I could hold no more for 5 seconds.


Seven pumpkins…all I could hold in my arms for 5 seconds.

Before I knew it, we had spent over two hours at the nursery—time that flew by. But isn’t that what it’s all about? Investing in quality time with family and loved ones to the point that ticking hands go unnoticed?

This I noticed for sure, a community coming together to enjoy a wholesome public event, hosted by a local business investing in its good will by promoting family. At a time when our nation is coming together to make important decisions, a festival like this one and many others across the land, is what’s right about America.

…if you just take the time to see it.


My home: Sutter Street in Old Town Folsom
at the Folsom Mercantile Exchange circa 1856.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Green Acres Nursery and Supply, Food Network or Krush Burger. I have not been compensated for my views or opinions expressed herein.


  1. Brooks, I couldn’t agree more with you about taking quality family time. What a super family outing and parade of pumpkins! I wish we had pumpkin displays like this one. Food truck race? Definitely lots of fun!

  2. Anonymous says

    This is a really neat article. Love it!

  3. Anonymous says

    Three Cheers for Green Acres Nursery, and three more for Mark Gill, who, in reaching for his star is achieving his dream with the able assistance of his family, daughter Ashley, son,Travis, brother, Kevin, his dozens of loyal employees, and especially his devoted customers and many friends. One man, one dream, one country, America.

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