Vine To Table: A Sunday Supper Pictorial


Lasagna Salsiccia con Pesto








  1. Gosh, your lasagna looks terrific, Brooks! Now that we’re seeing clues that autumn might actually arrive, I can add this delicious pasta to our menu~

  2. fabulous! lovet he fresh tomato photo and the end results are mouth watering!

  3. That looks fabulous! Now my planned breakfast (oatmeal) has lost its appeal. I love dinner leftovers for breakfast.

  4. Brooks.

    Your tomato pictorial is gorgeous! Of course the end result is wonderful, especially with the peek of the wine glass. We now have fallen leaves and acorns on our driveway! Cooler Temps are on the way.

  5. How envious we are to see fresh garden grown tomatoes.. ours were blighted this year and rotted almost as soon ans they ripened. Wonderful story you tell in your pictorial. (Alternate happy ending: us having a plate of that delicious lasagna….)

  6. Oh my. Those tomatoes. I think I need this in my life…

  7. Yummy! I am jealous. I miss my garden. I definitely need to get one going again soon.

  8. I haven’t had lasagna in a long time; it seems I wait til summer is over and am limited to canned tomatoes. Apparently that needs to change! I do love a mushroom and tomato version I make; thinking I need to get on that huh?

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