Gingerbread Doughnuts
Coffee Cake
Almond Kringle

Baked Gingerbread Doughnuts

Baked gingerbread doughnuts bring the flavors of old-world Europe in a present-day treat. One bite and you’ll be charmed by the taste and take glee in the magic of the experience. Gingerbread conjures up many childhood memories for me. The ones closest to my heart are gingerbread man cookies. The rich, deep-hued browns of the […]

Cinnamon-nut Coffee Cake

The light crumb of this yeasted coffee cake is easy to prepare, fragrant with cinnamon and nuts and glazed in a vanilla icing. Pour a cup of coffee―it’s time for a break! When Friends Inspire It was late May. The world was about to enter a third month under the gloomy, restrictive veil of covid-19. […]

White Russian Cake

Coffee, vanilla and chocolate flavors mingle splendidly in a layer cake that is dreamy on the palate. Silky frostings and a tender crumb mimic the creaminess of the popular cocktail for which it is named after! Many people have a bucket list or lists—a checklist of goals one hopes to achieve in their lifetime. I […]

Sourdough Resources and Tips

Sourdough resources and tips to get your bread making game on! Sourdough bread is enjoying a renaissance of sorts. More and more I see folks are acquiring starters from family and friends or making their own from scratch. There is a little bit of science behind making a sourdough starter but it is attainable with […]

Almond Kringle

The buttery pastry of this Almond Kringle, all flaky and golden encases a nutty fragrant filling and nicely finished with icing. Bake this tasty treat in your own home to the delight of family and friends! I had not heard of the pastry kringle until the day Mrs. W and my son brought one home […]

Easy Almond Paste

Full of almond flavor and easy to make, this recipe not only comes together quickly, its versatility is your go to for a wide variety of pastry treats. Followers know my culinary explorations of late have been in the realm of pastry. As such, a recipe I’m working on calls for almond paste as a […]

Easy Peeps Easter Cake

Beautiful fondant flowers are easy to make by hand, and require no special tools. Pair them with store-bought marshmallow peeps and you’ll have an enchanting cake to present for Easter! Now more than ever as global citizens change how they live, embrace distance socialization and nest at home, it’s a terrific opportunity to learn a […]

Boeger Citrus and Red Wine Marinade

Savory base notes of red wine, soy sauce and garlic are elevated to tasty heights from fresh orange, lemon and lime; a marinade for grilling with flavor as bright as the long days of summer! Since returning to the workforce after 13 years as a stay-at-home dad, the summer months have changed in our household. […]

Caramel Apple Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce

Tasty, moist cakes are dotted with apples and walnuts; together with a generous drizzle of salted caramel sauce, these individual desserts sing two-part harmony. Fall never had it so good! Luncheon Ladies While clicking through a CD of old photographs the other day, I came across a series of pictures from our former home in […]

Candy Cane Macarons

Minty, merry and bright, these tasty Candy Cane Macarons will surely delight! In recent years whenever December rolls around something magical happens. I’m not talking about the festive feel in the air or having visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. No, the magic is a driving force, an inexplicable inspiration to create something […]