Cake Decorating: How To Make Hydrangea Flowers

A cluster of fondant hydrangea blossoms adorning a round cake is beautiful to behold, and it makes a stunning centerpiece too!

 Hydrangea Flower Cake from Cakewalker

It’s been a while since Mrs. W had a special cake. I know―it’s a bit like the cobbler’s children who have no shoes. Truth be told, I’ve had this cake in mind for a long while now, but when circumstances prevailed, the project was put on hold for the right opportunity.

This past Mother’s Day was the ideal time to green light my plan. I knew all along I wanted to use her favorite color: aqua blue. There was a silver lining to be found for I learned through the duration of the hiatus that she was longing for a strawberry cake. How wonderful then, to make her something in the color and flavor she liked!


Rounded mixing bowls for cake pans - Cakewalker

I used this strawberry cake and frosting recipe. The cakes were baked in twin 6-inch round stainless steel mixing bowls. If you use the same recipe, be prepared to bake off cupcakes for there will be plenty of excess. You may use your favorite cake batter recipe for any will do, but know when you bake cake in bowls as opposed to cake pans, there will be an increased adjustment to the baking time. The toothpick test is the best way to determine if the cakes are done.

One cake was trimmed off by about a third and used as the base. The other cake was inverted on top. In this way, I achieved a ball shape with a stable base eliminating the need for support dowels. Once placed onto a serving stand, the cakes were filled in the usual manner and crumb coated. When the coat was set, tinted fondant was applied, smoothed, and trimmed.


For this application I blended some of the tinted fondant with an equal amount of sugar paste (gum paste) in about a 50/50 ratio. An adjustment in the color was needed to get it back to the shade of the pure fondant on the covered cake. It’s ideal to get the shade as close as possible, but a slight variation will work just fine as the flowers cut from the blended material will ultimately cover the cake. To achieve the aqua color, I used sky blue gel color with a few tinges of Kelly green.

This quick video demonstrates how to make the hydrangea flowers with tool and technique suggestions.

The finished flowers were attached to the cake with the same slip used to adhere the stamens to the blossoms. Slip is a piece of gum paste dissolved in a little bit of water to make it a cloudy liquid. When applying the flowers to the base of the cake, it may be necessary to trim some of the petals in order to place them nicely, and with good aesthetics.

Applying hydrangea blossoms to the cake - CakewalkerA couple of gum paste hydrangea leaves in white really brings the look together.

I hope you’ll be inspired to take on a decorating project like the one presented here―it’s much easier than you may think. With all projects, however, a modicum of advance planning is helpful to getting the results you desire. Like I always say, “If you can see it in your mind’s eye, you can make it.”

Hydrangea Flower Cake by Cakewalker

Until next time, happy baking!


  1. This is GORGEOUS! I can only imagine how happy Mrs. W was when this cake was presented to her. Lucky, lucky lady! Great video, too.

    • Brooks Walker says

      Thank you, Betsy, glad you liked the video too. I had our G+ group in mind while putting it together. My better half was quite touched when she saw the dessert. 🙂

  2. You are just so incredibly imaginative and creative! I won’t even talk about talent, it is your creativity that blows me away. Sharing this beauty!

  3. Brooks, another winner. Just perfect for springtime. A lucky Mrs. W!

    • Brooks Walker says

      I’m much obliged, Sheryl. I can’t seem to shake the photo of your splendid mini s’mores from my mind.

  4. Brooks, Mrs. W must’ve been thrilled! All your cakes are beautiful, but this one … well, it takes the cake! 🙂

  5. That is so beautiful!! You always have some beautiful creations tho =)

  6. Oh, my gosh, this is one exquisite cake, Brooks! I’m sure Mrs. W. was thrilled with your thoughtfulness—what a work of love <3.

    • Brooks Walker says

      I derive great joy making things for special people. Thank you for the lovely comment!

  7. I can’t grow em (I’ve tried). Maybe I can make them out of cake! GREG

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