Easy Peeps Easter Cake

Beautiful fondant flowers are easy to make by hand, and require no special tools. Pair them with store-bought marshmallow peeps and you’ll have an enchanting cake to present for Easter!

Peeps Easter Cake from Cakewalker

Now more than ever as global citizens change how they live, embrace distance socialization and nest at home, it’s a terrific opportunity to learn a new skill. The techniques herein are kid friendly and it opens the door to a family project and quality time together. Easter is around the corner, so bake a cake and let’s get decorating! —Brooks Walker

Every year marshmallow chicks start appearing on store shelves as soon as displays can be devoid of red and pink heart-shaped goods. They bring hope for warmer days, and a glimmer of vibrant color. Kids love peeps―mine included. This year I was inspired to present the fluffy birds to the children in a different way, beyond their Easter baskets to keep the wonder of the holiday alive.

My goal was a fondant covered cake featuring peeps. As I set out to begin the project I questioned if the supporting design elements could be simple, easy and fun, would readers be inspired to try it for themselves? Could eye-catching cake decorations be made by hand without a bunch of tools? I made it a personal challenge, and it all played out on Instagram.

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No special tools fondant decorations are possible by simply pinching, rolling, and pressing. You can even get the kids involved for great quality time. And in a couple of hours you will have handmade decorations to complement the peeps. In this application, you’ll need ready-to-use white fondant (I used Wilton and purchased it with a 50% off coupon at the craft store), a few gel food colors in springtime hues, wax paper, and a table knife or toothpick.

Tint all the fondant in advance using gel food color. Knead it in until the color is uniform. Wrap all fondant portions tightly in plastic wrap, and keep covered while not in use. A tiny dab of vegetable shortening applied to the hands keeps fondant pliable and easy to work with. Now you’re ready to make flowers!

In under 10 minutes this video shows you how to make a couple of basic flower shapes, rosebuds, and the calla lilies as seen on the cake. Along the way you’ll pick up important tips and tricks.


My jumping off point was the peeps, of course, as the intended subject. Nowadays peeps come in an array of colors, but I chose the classic yellow. That said, I allowed their yellow color to be the brightest of all the colors for the cake―a subtle way of highlighting the candy. The color palette of all other elements ranged from pastel to semi-bright shades. In placing the decorations on the cake, keep in mind odd numbers of items are typically much more pleasing to the eye; especially in groupings.

Top view of Peeps Easter Cake from CakewalkerThis overhead shot depicts peep placements at 2, 6, and ten o’clock. It’s a great visual tool in positioning the items.

Fashion the flowers around the subjects to fill, spill and complement the space. I tend to view cakes as regal things where a lot of my work is topped with a crown-like adornment. In some cases I’ll place decorations on the sides, however for this application, the bare sides draws the eye up to the focal points. The choice of how to execute the design is entirely up to you. Have fun; let your inner florist reign.


Easy Peeps Easter Cake by Cakewalker

The cake itself had to carry through with the vibrancy of its exterior. For fresh, bright flavor I made the Meyer Lemon Cake from this recipe. Paired with it is a raspberry buttercream. To make this frosting, use your favorite basic American Buttercream recipe and flavor it with a rounded tablespoon of a good raspberry preserve (you may need to dial back the measure of confectioners’ sugar a tad). The jam also lends fabulous color. If your icing recipe calls for unsalted butter, a pinch of salt in the batch goes a long way to melding the flavors and keeps cloyingly sweet at bay.

Fill and crumb coat the cooled cakes on a serving dish. You may elect to serve a frosted cake (as opposed to fondant covered), so apply a finish coat of frosting once the crumb coat has set. For a fondant finish you can apply an additional thin, even coat of frosting over the crumb coat―it will help the fondant adhere to the cake. I always say if you can roll pie crust, then you can roll fondant to cover a cake. Allow the frosting to set up a bit while rolling the fondant. Cover the cake with fondant in the usual manner.

Covering the cake with fondant by Cakewalker

Decorate the cake with the peeps, the flowers, and finish it with an easy rolled border at the base. Roll enough fondant into a long, rope-like strand. An 8-inch diameter will need a length of about 27 inches (multiply the cake diameter by 3.14; you can trim off excess if needed) Gently wet the base of the cake by running a finger dipped in water along the bottom; apply the rope all around, gently pressing to adhere. Leave it as is, or add decorative detail and interest by dimpling the border with a fingertip.

I hope you’ll find the content herein to be helpful and inspire you to try it. You’ll see that beautiful fondant flowers are easy to make by hand, require no special tools, and yields a gorgeous Easter cake for your holiday table.

Easter Cake by Cakewalker



  1. Oh good golly, Brooks, this is beautiful! What magic! And maybe the most elegant way anyone has ever used Peeps! And the flavors are perfect for Easter and springtime and delicious together!

  2. One of the prettiest and most fun cakes I’ve seen, Brooks. I love your use of vibrant colors and the Peeps just put it over the top. I took a few minutes to watch your video, and I learned a ton. It will be so helpful when I work with the young (middle school) foodie I mentor. Her favorite foodie thing to do is cake decorating, so I will be sure to tell her about your website and show her your cakes. She will LOVE it all! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful and terrific ideas.

    • Brooks Walker says

      Cake decorating can be complex at times, so when there’s an easier route, I’m happy to share the way. Thank you for sharing the work, Susie, especially to our young folks who are hungry for skills. Happy spring to you and yours!

  3. Brooks, as usual it’s a masterpiece! This cake is so festive and spring-like! I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next.

    • Brooks Walker says

      I’m grateful for the compliment, Sheryl, and I’m confident inspiration is on the horizon…stay tuned!

  4. YOU are the cake boss! I love this cake but it reminds me that we have no Peeps in Australia. I LOVED peeps every Easter. 🙂

    • Brooks Walker says

      Thanks, Maureen! Have you seen the array of peeps available for year round holidays?

  5. I’m a real sucker for those marshmallow peeps! Gotta have them every year, in the classic yellow, of course. 🙂 Wonderful looking cake! This really rocks! Thanks.

  6. Brooks, I love this cake!!! I just watched your entire video and am excited to try to make my own fondant flowers!! loved it!

  7. So what you’re says is, if I can master Play-do I can master this! GREG

  8. Hi Brooks,
    I don’t always have time to come by and leave a comment but I see your wonderful creations on Facebook. This one caught my eye because I have a friend who’s daughter adores peeps. I made my own marshmallow peeps some time ago and she loved them. The hand made flowers are gorgeous. I bet the lemon meyer cake and raspberry buttercream is incredible. I love that combo. This is a beautiful cake to serve for Easter! Nice little tutorial too, thanks — I had no idea something so professional looking can be made without tools.

    • Brooks Walker says

      Eva, I’m grateful for your time, and appreciate the kind words. I’m tickled you made peeps. I’m off to see if they’re on your site!

  9. As usual, you’ve created a masterpiece! What a perfect spring/Easter cake. And your demo makes me think I could make these flowers! Thanks, Brooks, and happy Easter to you and yours!

  10. Brooks, you made awesome cake, my 5 year old is want me to make this cake for lovely colors. I will try it and let you know how it turned out.

  11. Fresh, bright, and refreshing are the perfect adjectives for this, Brooks. I agree =)

  12. What a gorgeous cake! Love love the pale green color and the way you decorated it – well it’s too pretty to cut into it! The raspberry buttercream sounds sublime!
    Have a wonderful Easter Brooks!

    • Brooks Walker says

      And a most wonderful Easter to you, Ana and Liz! So glad you stopped by, and I thank you for the kind words.

  13. What a beautiful spring-inspired cake. So glad I got to see a bit of it in process on IG. Kids of any age (including me) would be thrilled with this amazing cake!

    • Brooks Walker says

      Thank you so much, Chris. It was fun to post a few progress posts on IG, and it’s great to have you here too!

  14. Huzzah, Brooks! This is the first I’ve seen the inside of the cake. So vibrant and just…perfect!

  15. Lovely tutorial, Brooks! And that is one delicious cake as well. Just leave off the peeps and it’s a beautiful spring cake for any occasion. And, you’re right, this is the perfect time for a family to team up and learn a new skill together.

    • Brooks Walker says

      You’re welcome, Jean. I appreciate you stopping by; I’ll be sure to swing by your place to see what you’ve got going on! 🙂

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