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Sourdough resources and tips to get your bread making game on!

Sourdough Bread - Cakewalker

Sourdough bread is enjoying a renaissance of sorts. More and more I see folks are acquiring starters from family and friends or making their own from scratch. There is a little bit of science behind making a sourdough starter but it is attainable with time, some nurturing and patience. The subject is well documented and a web search will get you on your way to creating one.

I’ve toiled in the realm of sourdough for a few decades. My first memory of seeing the natural leavener was watching my grandfather lovingly care for his. He used it with frequency, especially when the grand kids came to visit. On Saturday I’d watch as he measured what he needed from the chilled crock he kept in the fridge. On Sunday morning he’d pour silver dollar-sized pancakes onto a hot griddle from the sourdough batter that fermented overnight. The recollection of those pancakes finished with a splash of warmed pure maple syrup holds a fond place in my heart.

I have enjoyed terrific success as an adult crafting some tasty sourdough breads, waffles, pancakes and even a sourdough chocolate cake! Recently I went live on Facebook to share some of the cookbook resources and tools I use to bake fabulous sourdough goods at home. Take a look!

In utilizing resources like the ones mentioned in the video, along with setting aside time to learn new skills, you will begin to develop method through practice. My first loaves looked and tasted nothing like the ones depicted here. As with anything, if you stay the course, success will be yours to enjoy.

Until next time, happy baking!

Scored Sourdough Loaf


  1. Practice makes perfect, that is for sure. Great video with loads of helpful hint and tips. The one challenge we have is we have an older electric oven… We have had to set a thermometer in the oven as we found that it is not holding a high temperature and it takes a lot longer than expected to come up to temperature. However, we are up to the baking challenge.

    • Brooks Walker says

      Thank you for the video compliment. You’re right Bobbi, practice goes a long way in regards to sourdough. Happy baking!

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