Chinese Almond Cookies

  A Chinese Calendar The memory returns with such clarity that the experience of it could have been yesterday. I don’t think I was much more than 6, but the impression it made on me began a lifelong love of Chinese food. My introduction to the cuisine was under the guidance of my grandparents and my […]

Linzer Cookies

  Mix, Pour & Bake I wanted one from the moment I saw it on TV. With its gleaming turquoise finish and faux chrome stove top, how could it not catch my eye? Truly it was one of my earliest recollections of sheer elation just at the notion of having one. But when General Mills […]

Mature Over Time

Sugared cranberries are delightful as a snack, as a recipe ingredient or used for garnish. Try pairing them with a port wine, cheese and chocolate covered almonds for a fast and fabulous dessert! Mature Over Time Just over a year ago a simple offering from a gentleman enlightened me. It was a most pleasant surprise, […]