Orange-Rosemary Pound Cake

     We had a stockpile of berries needing to be used. And varietal flours feeling neglected. For someone who manipulates traditional flours most days, I knew the whole grain versions had to be lonely as they aren’t on the A-list for the pool party. Moreover, my personal tastes are shifting when it comes to […]

Corned Beef Hash

To know me is to appreciate that I adore the evening meal on St. Patrick’s Day. The preparations begin in the morning with soda bread, the simmering of a nicely brined corned beef by afternoon and it finishes up with sides of potatoes and cabbage. Through it all, beyond the pint or two of dark […]

Very Vivacious Vinaigrette

Featuring bold clean flavors this fresh herbal dressing is a snap to make. Bring a touch of California cuisine to your salad bowl tonight! Growing vegetables and herbs at home is as rewarding as can be, especially when you have a vested interest in the quality of the produce and how it is handled once […]