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What is the difference between All-Purpose and cake flour?

All-purpose flour vs. Cake flour

Essentially, the difference lies in the protein content (gluten) and the texture it provides.

All purpose flour has a protein content of 10-12% and may be used for a variety of recipes from bread to cakes, cookies and pastries. The crumb results in a medium density structure which characterizes its versatility.

At 6-8%, cake flour has the lowest protein content of any flour. It imparts a silky texture and produces a fine crumb that makes it ideal for delicate cakes, yet it’s suitable for cookies, crusts and pastries.

If a recipe calls for a specific type, they may be interchanged as an exception, but know the end result may differ from the recipe’s intention. The general rule for using AP flour in place of cake flour, is to subtract 2 tablespoons per cup and conversely so.